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FR12 High temperature flue gas fluidized bed combustion furnace/boiler

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FR12 12×10^6 13.5-20 slag φ3.0×20 10-15 <2

Product introduce (As shown in figure)

Fluidized bed coal combustion hot-blast stove (short for boiling furnace): Its combustion mode is to crush coal to around 10-8mm coal particles before transmitting into combustion chamber at a constant speed and amount. Through the high-pressure blast from the furnace and the isobaric bellows, coal particles shoot the combustion coal from numerous small holes on the air distribution plate. An air cushion composed of crossing wind in all directions supports coal particles and furnace burden which will boil and combust in a state of fluidization afterwards. Coal particles and coal cinders keep boiling at high temperature, which accompany with mutual friction, collision and splitting decomposition before burning out. This kind of combustion provides bigger contact area between air and fuel to reach a higher relative velocity. With the purpose of saving energy, fuel in fluidized bed has a longer residence time, a quicker burning speed and a higher burnout rate. This boiling furnace applies especially to small dryers (vertical-type or horizontal-type) which dry materials with hot blast stove or mineral powder mill and coal mill. The boiling furnace has been widely used and spreading quickly in the field of relative industrial furnace.

Product uses

High temperature flue gas fluidized bed combustion furnace can supply heat for rotary type dryer, vertical dryer, hammer type dryer, indirect dryer, small slag micro-powder production line, wind sweep coal grinder, coal powder vertical mill, fertilizer granulation machine, etc. High temperature flue gas fluidized bed combustion furnace/boiler can be widely used in drying and roasting for industrial materials or products, such as slag, clay, coal slime, calcium carbide slag, compound fertilizer, industrial gypsum board, iron concentrate fine , sulfur concentrate, laterite ore, siderite, and zinc leaching residue.

Product performance

1. Adapting to a wide range of fuels. Any bituminous coal, anthracite coal, lignite or even gangue, whose calorific value is above 6270KJ/Kg, (1500Kcal/Kg) will be adapted.

2. Temperature of combustion chamber is 1000 ℃ or so while its outlet temperature is around 850 ℃. Operating temperature is uniform, and heating is stable.

3. High combustion efficiency. Burnout rate of coal powder is up to 95%; Thermal efficiency is more than 90%; Carbon content in ash is less than 2%. The ashes, suitable for use as filler of the mixture of cement and other building materials, are difficult to coke and have a great activity,

4. Easy to ignite. The time of banking-up is very long. Discontinuous banking-up is up to 16-48 hours. And you needn’t ignite again to start after banking-up.

5. The temperature of hot flue gas outlet is adjustable. And the outlet of heating flue gas pipeline is convenient and flexible.

6. Clean combustion. Owing to the low NOX content in flue gas, desulphurization in the furnace can be achieved so that sulfur in coal is in a solid state when entering the slag.

7. The system can realize PLC full-automatic control and low working temperature.

8. High temperature flue gas fluidized bed combustion furnace/boiler enjoys a long service life. With less wearing parts, it cost low repair expenses.

Notice to user

When you purchase the High temperature flue gas fluidized bed combustion furnace/boiler, please truthfully disclose the coal industrial analysis used by your company such as: calorific value of coal, fugitive constituent, water content, fixed carbon content, ash content, etc. Besides, you should present the amount and type of the coal used, where and with what equipment the furnace operates, the requirements to reach (outlet temperature, etc), the level of automation to realize, etc. According to the information you offer, we can design and select more accurately to customize the product to fit your needs.


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