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Electromagnetic Flow Meter

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The electromagnetic flowmeter

I. A brief introduction to the electromagnetic flowmeter

The intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of highly intelligent and reliable flowmeter researched and developed with international advanced technologies. It can not only be used for the normal procedural testing, but also can be used in the measurement of ore pulp, paper pulp and pasty liquids. It is widely applied in the industries of petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, food, electric power, paper-making, water supplying and discharging, and water administration and water resource.

II. The features of the electromagnetic flow sensor

The measurement accuracy will not be affected by the variation of the liquid density, viscosity, temperature, pressure and conductivity.

The measurement pipes have no impedance and active parts, and it has no pressure loss, the requirements to the section of straight pipe are not very strict.

The electromagnetic flow sensor can be equipped with grounding electrodes, and the fine grounding of the instrument can be realized.

The electromagnetic flow sensor uses the advanced processing technique so as to make the instruments have god capability of anti-negative pressure.

Full digitalized processing, strong anti-turbulence capability, reliable measurement and high accuracy.

High resolution backlight LED, the operation of full-Chinese menu; it is convenient to use and easy to operate, and the user can read clearly under the strong light or at night.

It has the functions of accumulating bi-directional flow and bi-directional total flow, as well as the function of bi-directional output of current and frequency.

The instrument system has high measurement accuracy and wide using range, and it can not only be used in the measurement of sewage, cement pulp and ore pulp, but also can be used in the measurement of the fluid flow such as strong acid and strong alkaline.

The converter has powerful output function: it has not only the pulse output of 4-20Ma, but also the digital communication modes of RS485 or RS232 and HART, as well as the GPRS wireless remote data transferring.

III. The main technical data of the electromagnetic flow sensor

Nominal diameter: DN6-3000mm

Nominal pressure: 0.6, 1, 1.6, 4 MPa (for higher voltage, it can be processed according to the requirements of the customers)

Accuracy: ±0.2% ±0.5% (error of displayed value)

Measurement range (flow): 0-1m/s to 0-10 m/s

Media temperature: split-type (-10 – 80 Celsius degree), for liner of PTFE and F46, the range is -40-180 Celsius degrees), integrated type -10-80 Celsius degree,

Environmental temperature: -25-60 Celsius degree

Environmental humidity: 5-100% (relative humidity)

Medium conductivity: larger than 20μS/cm/.

Installation: Integrated type, split-type

Protection level of the case: Sensor, IP65 or IP68 (IP65: dust tight, anti-water spraying, and it can allow the water tap to spray water from any direction; IP68, dust tight, submersive type, and it can work in water for long time), converter, IP65.

The electrode structure: three-electrode structure and electrode structure with scraper.

The maximum temperature of the medium to be measured: liner of neoprene, 80 Celsius degree, liner of polyurethane, 80 Celsius degree, liner of Teflon, 180 Celsius, liner of high temperature resistance rubber, 120 Celsius degree.

The output signal of the sensor: 0-0.2mVp-p to 0-2mVp-p

Electrode material: stainless steel OCrl8Nil2Mo2Ti, Hastealloy B, C, Ti, Ta, the stainless steel is painted with tungsten carbide.


Anti-explosion sign: ExmⅡT4, ExmdⅡBT4

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